Support continues to be offered to families and individuals. This is in the form of face-to-face meetings, by telephone, Facebook and by email and may consist of information, strategies or just a ‘shoulder to cry on’. Support has also been given for families and individuals considering assessment for ADHD, Behaviour Management, Accessing services, Appeals and completing Disability Living Allowance forms. We also signpost and refer to other organisations, where appropriate.

We continue to offer support at TAC (Team around the Child) and Children in Need, with more being supported at school meetings for review, statementing and Individual Education Plans. We attended 144 such meetings last year and that figure has risen to in excess of 200 this year. We have 2 staff members who are able to support families in this way. Demand continues to grow and we have yet again had to turn many families away as we still do not have the capacity to meet the ever-growing demand. Whilst the majority of our appointments are in and around Lincoln, we have travelled countywide to support families.